Friday, April 18, 2014

(My Car) Scion FRS 10 Series Focal/JL Audio System

Still a work in progress, but I just bought this car and I'm working on putting the system in as the money comes in. 

Receiver: Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX Navigation Touchscreen $1,400.00

Front speakers: Focal Performance Access 165AS3 3 Way $400.00

Rear Speakers: Focal Performance Access 165AC Coaxial $200.00

Subwoofer: 2X JL Audio 10W6v3-4's $500.00 ea.

Speaker Amp: JL Audio HD600/4 $800.00

Sub Amp: JL Audio HD1200/1 $1,000.00

Amp Installation Kit: KnuKonceptz 4 Gauge $30.00

Fuse Block: Rockford Fosgate 150amp Fuse block $30.00

NOTE: If you want to buy the rear MDF panels from me to fit larger speakers in the back, I can custom make them for you for $50 + shipping. They will include the panel itself with a hole custom cut out for 5.25, or 6.5/6.75" speakers, 10 short black wood screws for mounting the speakers and 10 self tapping high quality metal screws to mount it. Just comment on this post if you have any questions or would like to order a set. They work on all FRS's and BRZ's.

The last person that ordered them from me was worried about all the sound coming through the 4" hole, but you actually don't need to worry about that at all because the MDF plate holds the speaker about 2 inches away from the hole, so all the sound is able to come through with no loss.


  1. hey did you modify the rear opening wholes on the panels for the 6.5 you installed? did you keep the same 4inch opening with the 6.s speaker behind it?

  2. I sure didn't! When you create the MDF plate out of 1/4" MDF, it recesses the speaker back about 2 inches away from the hole, which is plenty of space for it to get all the sound through. It worked great, sounds amazing! Let me know if you have any other questions about sound systems in the FRS, I know that car inside and out.

  3. Hey i like what you done with your audio system, you check mine out similar setup but i do have a few questions i like to ask you email me at thanks :)

  4. Extremely well done! Makes me want to get an FRS and do this myself.

  5. I'm interested in purchasing a set of the rear speaker mounts if you are still making them, My E-mail is I'd like to ask you a few questions about speaker sizes also.

  6. hello,
    I have a 10series FRS as well. I have the sub and amp already. Just need a guide to get it installed (all the wiring etc) can you help with this?

    1. Yeah man, what's your email, we can chat about it.

    2. sir

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  9. Where did you mount the crossovers?

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  11. just wodering, how much depth there is left where the rear speakers go? im trying to put 6.5" subs on each side and was wondering if they would fit the depth

  12. A great modify work,can you teach me or sell the rear speaker mounts?
    What is the material of the rear speaker mounts? Thank you!
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